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Giving Bibles to Precious Women

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Boxes of Bibles ready for distribution

We had the great honor and privilege of being able to give out the Bibles today to the Precious Ones Women! It was a humbling experience.

Meanwhile, Precious Ones Women have grown to number nearly 100! The joy and sisterhood is palpable. They worship together, sew together, encourage each other and study the Bible together. These beautiful women have grown so much and they have changed so much since we started working in their village 5 years ago. They are more joyful and Jesus-filled today than we have ever seen them. They love Jesus so much, but most of them have never owned a Bible. EVER.

Alanda giving bibles with prayer

There is so much misinformation about the Bible here, so I had the opportunity to teach them how important it is to study it, they will know what the Bible really says. I also had the joy of sharing the gospel - this is great news! Because we have been part of this community now for so many years, we have built a trust and a love that I just can't describe. God is just so overwhelmingly good to let us be a part of this. They have definitely changed my life as much as we have theirs.

Aubri giving bibles with prayer

Aubri and I gave each precious woman a Bible and prayed for each one. This was a beautiful, humbling moment that I will never forget. ❤️

Finally, Shannie preached and taught them how to use their Bibles! Beautiful ❤️

Women waving their new Bibles in the air

Thank you to God for all of it, and thank you to every person that gave so that we could do this!

The kids will get their Bibles in a couple days, but first, we have baptisms tomorrow! 🎉