Women's Education Program

I sat and cried as I listened to the stories of sweet girls, girls my own daughter's ages, doing unthinkable things, just to stay in school. I learned of women who were having to make choices no one should ever have to make just to survive. This was all because they were born into adverse circumstances, and had no resources to manage their menstrual cycle. Immediately we researched solutions and quickly started making washable "Sanitary Napkins."

Quickly our hearts were moved to empowerment. These women didn't just need a fish, they desired to learn how to fish. We have come alongside with tools, education, training, and much needed encouragement. They are transforming their communities and the world around them.

Precious Ones was born from a deep desire to show these beautiful women their worth. They didn't need to harm their bodies to keep working or stay in school. They were worth more than that.

Lives Changed

I have gotten out of the kitchen for the first time since I was a little girl --Maukera Fatunia, mother of five

Precious Ones has given us the gift of each other. Before we lived near each other, but we were not friends. Now we are sisters. --Rose Kanyi

I now have a skill, feel good about myself! I know God loves me.' --Faith Nataukose

We make many pads for the community! Thank you for everything! --Evelyn Naklaigoye

The Pattern

Part of our journey into women's education has been the creation of a simple pattern for a high quality, reusable, women's sanitary towel.

📃 Download the pattern PDF